0.7 - Implementations of Offline Messaging and Groups

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0.7 - Implementations of Offline Messaging and Groups

Can I check what is active and available in 0.7?


The inbuilt module that shows Opensimulator group as an example group
is I assume just a stub and not actively working.. it seems you
cannot create groups. anyway.

There seems to be two different groups implementation which are
operational, the Flotsam XML RPC groups implementation and the Simian
Grid one.  Either is enabled with Module  = GroupsModule and the
flotsam one has its configuration variables in opensim.ini [groups]
section, while Simian Grid uses its own include file i config


For Messaging, I use an Offline messaging module from OpensimWIRedux,
but I see I have MessageTransferModule = MessageTransferModule
commented out.  Should this be on and is the setup I have in my
opensim.ini below right?

     ; Control which region module is used for instant messaging.
     ; Default is InstantMessageModule (this is the name of the core
IM module as well as the setting)
     InstantMessageModule = InstantMessageModule
     ; MessageTransferModule = MessageTransferModule
     OfflineMessageModule = OfflineMessageModule
     OfflineMessageURL = http://vue.ed.ac.uk/openvue/services/im/offline.php
     ; MuteListModule = MuteListModule
     ; MuteListURL = http://vue.ed.ac.uk/openvue/services/wi/mute.php 
; not in WI yet

     ; Control whether group messages are forwarded to offline
users.  Default is true.
     ForwardOfflineGroupMessages = true

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