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Jeff Kelley
Diva just released aka 0.8.1-post-fixes in git branch.

« Note that this does not incorporate the
improvements done so far in the development
branch. The new release is just 0.8.1 with that
nasty bug fixed. »

This nasty bug is Mantis 7514 : Can't rez items from OSGrid on my own grid.

Actually, it does not affect only OSGrid but all
MONO grids running and onward.

From Ferd Frederix : Objects serialized on a MONO
grid suffer a corruption that make it useless on
a Windows grid. The XML Name Space identifier
"xmlns:" gets repeated as "xmlns:xmlns:", which
causes the serializer on Windows machines to
abort with "Deserialization of xml failed.
Exception System.Xml.XmlException: The ':'
character, hexadecimal value 0x3A, cannot be
included in a name".

Upgrading MONO grids to will stop
corruption occuring  when objects are taken out
of the grid via HG. However, it will *not* fix
corrupt assets already present in your database,
nor the ones that will come in afterwards from
unpatched grids.

If you are running a MONO grid, chances are you
are not seeing the issue. But your grid is
passing bad objects to other grids. Then they
propagate again and again.

Ferd and myself came with a Perl script that try
to fix the ROBUST (or standalone) database. Get
it here :

Be careful running this script since it overwrites assets.


-- Jeff
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