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3D Internet and your opinions about it

Dear realXtend and Opensim user/developer, 

and my apologies for the cross-posting, please reply directly to me!

I am writing this to you as I know you as being the great thinkers in 3D and virtual worlds technology area. I am putting together a strategy paper for Finland, how to best drive the 3D Internet further. The paper will be in Finnish, but I am planning to make an adjusted English version later as well. Please answer the following questions so that I will get your valuable thoughts, you don't need to answer all of them, just fill in the ones you feel comfortable to answer - even answering one of the questions helps to make the strategy paper better and helps everyone in this technology field! You can use Finnish or English to answer by the end of this week.

Note about the 3D Internet: it is mostly the same as virtual worlds technologies with the exception of having a possibility to teleport from world to world with your own avatar. 3D Internet is like web, but imagine the web sites being virtual worlds instead. Each world is a service, and all the services do not use avatars. 3D Internet is predicted to get into phase of mass adoption by 2015 by Intel and by 2017-2022 by Gartner. Our estimate is 2018.

3D Internet technologies 
1: What technologies could be used as a base to make the 3D Internet happen?

2: What needs to be done technologically to achieve 3D Internet?

3D Internet standardization
1: How to make 3D Internet to achieve same status as web, ie everyone has access to (de-facto) standard components like servers, avatars and 3D Internet browsers?

2: Do you think having open source components is important?

3: What standardization bodies we need to use, if any?

3D Internet research
1: What are the main topics to be researched?

2: Which institutes/people do world class research already?
3D Internet business
1: How do you see the business around 3D Internet to fold out, what are the main markets when the 3D Internet starts to take off?

2: How do you see consumer's role (to change) in 3D Internet business compared to web business?

1: Can I mention your name and organization on the paper I am writing as one of the contributors?

2: Do you have great 3D/virtual worlds application/usage ideas you would like to share with others?

3: Please write your thoughts or comments as you wish, I may add them to the paper I am writing: 

Thank you for participating! If you would like to discuss with me, I am just waiting for your proposal for the time slot for the meeting!

Best regards,

Jani Pirkola
Managing Director
Cyberlightning Ltd.

tel. <a href="tel:%2B358%2045%201248795" value="+358451248795" target="_blank">+358 45 1248795

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