3Di Viewer "Rei" goes open source (BSD licensed in-browser viewer)

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3Di Viewer "Rei" goes open source (BSD licensed in-browser viewer)


Today 3Di's in-browser viewer source code has been opened up, as the project 3Di Viewer "Rei". The license is BSD. Please have a look if you are interested!

Project home page: http://3di-rei.org
Press release: http://3di.jp/en/news/2009093001.html

We're very interested in further development of this open source viewer with the community. Thanks to the IdealistViewer developers, as portions of Rei use source code from an early version of IdealistViewer. Rei uses no code from GPL-licensed viewers.

The Rei source code is in git at github, with the main repository at: http://github.com/3di/3di-viewer-rei


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