Assembled 2019 has arrived! 6 New Studies from the JVWR. Check them out!

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Assembled 2019 has arrived! 6 New Studies from the JVWR. Check them out!

The Journal for Virtual Worlds Research
Assembled 2019 issue presents six striking studies that spread over a
plethora of subjects, all aimed to expand the Virtual World knowledge bank.
As the New Year approaches, we at JVWR are excited to share the latest
edition of the annual *JVWR Assembled *series – a place for various papers
collected over the course of 2019. From player-avatar relations among US
and Chinese gamers to augmented reality educational application design,
this year's issue spans topics across virtual worlds research. We hope you

As we conclude a year filled with new research and exploration, we would
also like to take this opportunity to thank both long-time friends and new
for joining us on the JVWR journey and wish everybody a happy and healthy
holiday season.

With high hopes for a discovery-filled 2020,

*Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan*

The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research


*The JVWR Volume 12, Number 3 (2019)*

*Assembled 2019*

Issue editors:

*Angie Cox*, Trident University International, Cypress, CA, USA, (Prime)

*Felipe Becker Nunes*, Antonio Meneghetti College, Santa Maria, RS – Brazil

*Miao Feng*, NORC at the University of Chicago, USA

*Jason Coley*, Maria College, Albany, New York, USA

The *Assembled 2019* issue, presents six striking studies that spread over
a plethora of subjects, all aimed to expand the Virtual World knowledge
bank for the benefit of practitioners and academics alike. *These studies
broaden the understanding of a Virtual World user’s experience* associated
with presence and immersion, governance within the worlds, learning success
mechanisms, as well as users’ interactions and relationships. Each of these
topics provides traction in obtaining the highest advances in the
application of Virtual Worlds within society.
Issue Editors' Corner

Editorial Assembled 2019

*Angie Marie Cox, Felipe Becker Nunes, Miao Feng, Jason Coley*
Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

User Characteristics, Trait vs. State Immersion, and Presence in a
First-Person Virtual World

*Lynna J. Ausburn, Jon Martens, Charles E. Baukal, Jr., Ina Agnew, Robert
Dionne, Floyd B. Ausburn*

Augmented Reality Plant & Animal Cells: Design and Evaluation of an
Educational Augmented Reality Application

*Malek El Kouzi, Omar Bani-Taha, Victoria McArthur*

Extending the self: Player-avatar relations and presence among U.S. and
Chinese gamers

*Zhenyang Luo, David Westerman, Jaime Banks*

GaeltechVR: Measuring the Impact of an Immersive Virtual Environment to
Promote Situated Identity in Irish Language Learning

*Naoise Collins, Brian Vaughan, Charlie Cullen, Keith Gardner*

Fast Cars and Fast Learning: Using Virtual Reality to Learn Literacy and
Numeracy in Prison

*Jimmy McLauchlan, Helen Farley*

The Proto-Governance of Minecraft Servers

*Louis Rolfes, Kathrin Passig*
More from the JVWR: The Dark Side

The upcoming issue is on the *Dark Side* of virtual worlds.

There is still availability for co-editors. If you have an interest and
background in this area you are invited to send us a word
<mailto:[hidden email]>.

The review phase has started for publication in Q1 2020.

More from the JVWR: Tourism & Hotels

We are also looking for prime editor and co-editors (you can join as a
group) to lead an issue on *Tourism & Hotels* due for publication in 2020.

You will need to develop a detailed call, review and decide on abstracts
and full papers, coordinate with reviewers, and more.

Details about becoming JVWR editors can be found on our website for issue
If you have an *interest and background in this area* please send your CV
and supporting documents to [hidden email].

Assembled 2020 is open for submissions
(our General Call)!
An Assembled issue is a place for various papers, on the topic of the
journal, collected during the preceding year. You are invited to upload
your research paper at any time to our system (register here
and it will be considered as a candidate for publication in 2020.

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