Assets cache notifications about fail textures lost.

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Assets cache notifications about fail textures lost.

Luisillo Contepomi-2

In the new, when fail some asset when you are importing some
xml, the console do not show any alert about the lost texture.

In the old versions when you do "fcache assets" you can see if your item
are complete or not.

I can not see what changes have this version about "flotsam assets
cache" in

I try with log levels debug from 0 to 2 in FlotsamCache.ini but... no
alerts about lost textures in prims located in region.

This fail can be detected only when you do a iar or a oar then you are
notified ...the assets are not in the file. But what assets is? Never know.

Please know somebody more info about the changes in this new version
relatives to Flotsam Cache?

Thank you very much.

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