Avatars incorrectly indicated as online in friends list

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Avatars incorrectly indicated as online in friends list

I have a small number of my users/avatars which are permamnently
indicated as online in bold in friends list and are clearly
considered online for IM rather than offline queuing taking place,
and its driving me crazy trying to pin it down.  But it is stopping
things working correctly especially die to the incorrect handling of
IMs. It is on mantis now. And others have spotted the same problems.


I already checked the gridusers table Online field and its "False" or
"false" for each.   I logged each avatar in and off cleanly to ensure
no crash state hangovers from previous runs, and I see the avatar go
offline, but next time we log in they are back online again even
though they never logged on, and this is so even if we reboot the
servers, update to latest versions, etc.

Sop, I wonder if any devs or grid operators out there have seen this
and know how to fix it with direct data base changes if necessary?

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