Avatars indicated as online when they are not, and show again after definitely logging on/off

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Avatars indicated as online when they are not, and show again after definitely logging on/off

For some reason I have three well used avatars (they are my own
avatars and set as friends of my main avatar for testing purposes but
that may not be relevant)  who are always showing as online and bold
in the friends list.  Doing IM to them indicates the IM is sent
rather than queued as it should be if they were known to be offline.
But I know they are not logged in.  iin fact the Opensim,exe console
logs that it is unable to send the IM in red, but a  normal user
would not have seen that or realise anything is wrong.

If I login and the log out each of the three avatars, they do show as
going offline, and stop showing as bold in the friends list of the
avatar I am using.  And then if I try IM to any of them it says they
are offline and correctly queues and later delivers the IM messages
to the right avatars.

BUT, when I log off and back on just using the normal the LL 1.23.5
client (not restarting the OpenSim.exe, Robust.exe or data base note)
the same 3 users are back showing as online again.  The other 20 or
so avatars in the friends list never cause a problem.

I probably have some glitch in the MySQL data base, or it could be
that a logout of an avatar that had had some issues earlier has a
status entry that  is wrong.

Is there anything I can do to correct this for my own grid?  So IM
(online and offline works correctly after that and the presence
indicator for online is not misleading.

But perhaps more importantly, might there a way to make the presence
handling code more robust, so a logoff really does clear whatever
flag must have got jammed.

Should I note it on mantis, or assume its a result of glitches along the way.

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