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Call for Leadership and The Dark Side new issue!

The Journal for Virtual Worlds Research
The JVWR’s “The Dark Side” issue dives into some fascinating ideas about
how evil is represented in the virtual worlds of digital games.

When we started planning the “Dark Side” issue last year, NO ONE IMAGINED
that humanity would be in ONE OF ITS DARKEST times – the age of COVID-19.
Consequently, and of special interest to our JVWR (Journal of Virtual
Worlds Research) community - much of human activity, be it meeting your
parents or kids, taking a course or learning a new skill, or hanging with
friends or colleagues – is virtual.

Our JVWR community is called upon to provide guidance, and we are required
to collectively think and do. Towards that end, we are launching a “*call
for leadership on the virtual*” to jointly design and implement the
measures we as a community and our journal should take.

Please fill out this form
if you would like to join the group.

Wishing you an interesting read of the new issue, joyful spring holidays,
and quick return to healthy normality.

*Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan*

The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

*The JVWR Volume 13, Number 2 (2020)*

*The Dark Side* of Virtual Worlds
Issue editors:

*Angie Cox*, Trident University International, Cypress, CA, USA, (Prime)

*Felipe Becker Nunes*, Antonio Meneghetti College, Santa Maria, RS – Brazil

*Miao Feng*, NORC at the University of Chicago, USA

*Oskar Milik*, Northwood University, Midland, MI, U.S.A

The Journal of Virtual World Research’s “The Dark Side of Virtual Worlds”
issue dives into some ideas about how evil is represented in the virtual
worlds of digital games. The name of this special issue, “The Dark Side” is
purposeful. It takes a critical look at the things we consider evil within
virtual worlds. These five manuscripts elaborate on the motivations for
evil acts and their outcomes, hostile competitiveness, classification of
deviant leisure, how immoral acts are determined, and our ability to thwart
these cruel activities in the virtual environments and games.
Editor-In-Chief Corner
Rising to the Challenge of Virtual in the Age of COVID-19: The Macro
Framework of Three New Normals (3NN)

*Yesha Y. Sivan*
Issue Editors' Corner
Editorial - The Dark Side of Virtual Worlds

*Angie Marie Cox*
Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

Beyond Evil and Good in Online Gaming. An Analysis of Violence in
‘Overwatch’ Between Demonization and Proactive Values

*Enrico Gandolfi, Francesca Antonacci*

Toxic Teammates or Obscene Opponents? Influences of Cooperation and
Competition on Hostility between Teammates and Opponents in an Online Game

*Dave McLean, Frank Waddell, James Ivory*

Destruction as Deviant Leisure in EVE Online

*Kelly Bergstrom*

The Griefer and the Stalker: Disruptive Actors in a Second Life Educational

*Jean-Paul Lafayette DuQuette*

Artificial Beings Worthy of Moral Consideration in Virtual Environments: An
Analysis of Ethical Viability

*Stefano Gualeni*
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Assembled 2020 is open for submissions
An Assembled issue is a place for various papers, on the topic of the
journal, collected during the preceding year. You are invited to upload
your research paper at any time to our system (register here
and it will be considered as a candidate for publication in 2020.

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