Call for Proposals - Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds 2015 Workshop

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Call for Proposals - Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds 2015 Workshop

Fleep Tuque
Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds 2015 Workshop - Call for Proposals

The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds (FCVW) supports individuals and organizations from government (federal, state, local, and international), academia, and corporate sectors to improve government collaboration through the use of virtual worlds, enrich collaborative online experiences, explore technologies that may enhance telework, and foster cross-agency collaboration.

The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds invites proposals to be a speaker, presenter, or performer at the workshop to be held on March 6-7, 2015. While lecture style presentations are acceptable, we highly encourage proposals that are interactive in nature, involve the audience in hands-on learning experiences, or otherwise showcase and take advantage of the immersive nature of the OpenSimulator platform. In addition, though we will provide an auditorium-style venue for breakout sessions, we encourage presenters to consider constructing or sharing a build, region, or other audio-visual aids beyond a PowerPoint slide presentation to accompany their presentation. OAR and IAR uploads can be coordinated with workshop organizers if your proposal is accepted.

Proposals are due January 5, 2015!


The Alternative User Interfaces track explores the use of hardware and software interfaces that promote enhanced usability and richer user interaction in 3D immersive spaces. Research and practical applications in the use of these technologies within 3D virtual world simulations or for 3D training applications are welcome.

Topics of interest include:
  • Head-Mounted Display Devices
  • Gesture-based Interaction
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Neural Interfaces
  • Affective Computing
  • Navigation and Mobility Technology
  • Novel User Interaction Devices
  • Mobile Clients
  • Alternative Engines
  • Accessibility Solutions


The Knowledge Transfer track seeks public sector participants for a panel entitled “Public Service Education in Virtual Worlds: Past, Present, and Future.”  The panel participants will discuss public service education uses for virtual world learning simulations as well as will feature panelists’ views on public service virtual world education projects from the past, present, and future.  Presenters will be welcome to showcase relevant Open Simulator virtual world learning simulation builds or islands with OAR and IAR uploads to be coordinated with workshop organizers if you are selected to be on the panel.


The Metacognition track invites proposals that showcase the use of virtual worlds for training and education in ways that learners are aware of training objectives in real time and/or illustrate any methods for facilitating and measuring learner autonomy and metacognition. Proposals that are interactive, immersive and make use of the collaborative, shared experience of virtual worlds are encouraged and highly preferable to PowerPoint presentations.

Topics of interest include:
  • Design & Content Considerations
  • Incorporating Information Resources
  • Instructional Guidance & Learning Objectives
  • Progress Tracking & Learner Evaluation
  • Learner Clues & Managing Learner Strategy
  • HCI & Neurofeedback
  • Role-Playing & Cultural Sensitivity
  • Collaboration – Group Learning vs Individual Learning
  • Immersive Environment – Real vs Effective


The military often has unique applications and requirements in regards to the effective employment of Virtual World (VW) technologies. This track features the diverse set of applications that are being pursued across the services and how organizations are finding value in their particular capabilities. Topics spanning from basic research through advanced technology demonstrations to deployed applications are encouraged. Example topics include VWs for:
  • Real-world simulations for war-fighter training
  • Virtual world utility for military-specific education
  • Machine learning or cultural modeling
  • Human-machine control interface design
  • Cognitive walk-throughs of system workflow
  • Command and Control modelling and experimentation
  • Full-fidelity control of live tactical systems
  • Rapid-prototyping and innovation processes
  • Tactical Concept of Operations development and review
  • Cyber warfare

Note, all material must be Distribution A – Approved for Public Release.


The Modeling and Simulation track welcomes proposals that demonstrate how 3D immersive virtual worlds model and simulate experiences that are compelling. The sessions feature improvements in physics, the use of artificial intelligence, innovative modeling and simulation techniques, LiDAR mesh generation, serious game design and integration with external technologies to explore the art of the possible.

Topics of interest include:
  • Physics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • LiDAR Mesh Generation
  • 3D mesh
  • Animations
  • Games and Simulations
  • Interoperability


In the Security, Privacy and Identity Track, we seek proposals illustrating research and development into emerging, virtual world technologies that provide new opportunities to promote information superiority. Proposals are especially sought that use virtual world technology to define and animate issues and topics advancing the development of secure applications in support of training, education, research, and interagency collaboration. Research performed using virtual environment platforms other than OpenSimulator will also be considered as long as the concepts or techniques are broadly applicable.

Accepted proposals will include a plan to use interactivity within the workshop OpenSimulator environment that goes beyond a presentation-style Powerpoint session. Hosting OAR and IAR uploads may be accommodated to accompany presentations to involve demonstrations, tours, information management and interactive games. Sessions are sought for how individuals, groups, organizations, and the enterprise factor into assuring information superiority. Accepted proposals will include a description of how the virtual environment contributes to the overall collection of evidence of impact. Please indicate whether you are willing to participate in a group session on a similar topic proposed.

Topics of Interest related to Security, Privacy and Identity include:
  • Information Assurance toward Accreditation
  • Open Source Software and Architecture
  • Crypto-currency for Virtual Worlds
  • Citizen-Cyberwarriorship
  • Fraud Risk Reduction and Detection
  • Identity Theft Risk Reduction and Detection
  • Internet of Things
  • Avatar Capabilities across Worlds
  • DNS for Virtual Worlds
For more information, please visit the Call for Proposals website at

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