Examples of the use of Opensim in instruction / introduction / visual tours?

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Examples of the use of Opensim in instruction / introduction / visual tours?

Lúthien Athariel
Hi all,

I work for a university library and our management is looking for a
way to create instructions on how to use the library (say, for new

They have been thinking about various alternatives - ranging from
audiotours on iPods, via a series of live action video's and even some
homegrown chimaera's of powerpoint and video.

I have been trying to raise their interest in considering using
OpenSimulator as an environment to either create instructional video's
in; or maybe even to create a "virtual library" in which one could
walk around using a Hippo or SL client, which would open up a wealth
of possibilities such as in-world presentations, instructions and
whatnot, but which would also require the user to use these viewers.

For the first alternative; using OpenSimulator to create instructional
video movies with, I have created some quick-and-dirty examples:


but I wonder whether there would exist other, better worked-out
examples that might make them enthusiastic for the idea.
Also, I would be very interested in any document, blog or other text -
preferably from some authoritative source (you know how managers think
...) which would be supportive of the use of opensim in a context like

I'd appreciate any help,

thanks in advance!
- luthien
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