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Find current hypergrid location

Jessica Pixel
I'm in the process of sorting a bunch of landmarks I've saved from various locations and I'm having trouble finding an easy way to find out what grid I'm currently on.

Is there somewhere in most viewers that I'm missing that would tell me the current grid address?  Or am I going to have to script an object to get that info and hope it's allowed?


On a somewhat related note, I'm finding a lot of regions do not allow osGetGridGatekeeperURI because it is of a 'moderate' threat level.  I'm working on an script that can 'bookmark' regions, but I'm having to skip getting the most important part of the region information.  Here's the output of that script:  You can see the regions that don't allow osGetGridGatekeeperURI because they will have 'blank' instead of their actual hostname.

Is there another way to get the region hostname that would work better?

Thanks for your info!
Jessica Pixel