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FireStorm FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck setting

  FireStorm 5.0.11 introduced additional object parameters checks to ensure
performance and stability of the viewer rendering engine and other parts.

  This new checks can be disabled with the debug setting
  That can be changed activating the advanced menu in the top menu bar of
the viewer with CTRL+ALT+D.
     Then Advanced -> Show Debug Settings
     Then Type  FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck. ( FS does display settings that
match initial letters, so you may not need to type it all )

  Since this is a good feature, it is set True (i.e. active) by default, and
should always be active at SL.

  But in OpenSimulator a lot of objects where created with improper
parameters , and so they will now be invisible.
  Most those objects do not cause problems on current viewers other that
eventual worse performance, so please set that option to False.

  If you are also a SL user using same viewer, please set it back to True
before login at SL!!
  Let's hope viewer devs can make this a bit easier in future, possible
making the option visible only on OpenSimulator specific settings.

  Some of the objects include some meshes uploaded with, because a
bug I did introduced, hopefully fixed on (sorry about that). Those
meshes should be ok otherwise.

  There is some association of this issue with the mesh upload options like
analyze (convex decomposition) on OpenSimulator.
  This is not actually a strict OpenSimulator issue but a viewers one
  What happens is that Mesh Model upload code was created by Linden Labs
using the tools of Havok library.
  Since havok is a commercial product, it can only be used in Linden Labs
own products, or TPVs that only connect to SL, under the  respective license
agreements. No viewer should try to use it for OpenSimulator without express
permission from Linden Labs!!
  TPVs ( third part viewers) like Firestorm use a open source library for
mesh models upload on OpenSimulator. Most of the mesh upload issues are on
that code. The same source mesh will not produce the same end result, in
many cases just fail and even worse may fail uploading "something".
  The analyze option is possible the one requiring more complex operations,
so may fail a lot more.

  The new features added on FireStorm to visualize physics shapes and LODS
per prim, should always be used to verify that the upload asset is correct.
Hope other viewers can add them also.

  OpenSimulator Physics engines should handle modules Convex Decomposition,
just the ones based on ODE may have a bit more pain with it.

Ps: yes we all know that my English is bad, hope you can understand it

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