Grid Mode - Messaging Service - Needs Enabling?

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Grid Mode - Messaging Service - Needs Enabling?

Ai Austin

>I am not sure my grid mode messaging service setup is quite right
>and would appreciate advice....

The messageng server is running okay on port 8006, but I do not seem
to be able to send IMs to avatars who are not at that moment
on-line.  And I cannot drop inventory on the profile of an avatar who
is not online.

Should I be able to do those things?  or is that not yet working?

if so, how can I enable it so it works.  if its relevant the
essagingServer_Config.xml file contents are as follows (I wondered if
the puiblished_ip was the thing that must be altered?

   <Config default_user_server=""
user_send_key="1234" user_recv_key="1234"
database_connect="Data Source=localhost;Database=****;User
http_port="8006" http_ssl="False" published_ip="" />

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