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Ralf Haifisch

Adam, do you have some more hidden treasures ?

Prepared voice, a replicator for RL money or something ?



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About to say this too - I think user rights need an ACL system that is
independent of everything else. UI-wise it can be tied together, but
internally it should be very clearly an ACL data structure.

Now as a matter of fact, I wrote the base classes for this about a year ago
(see ACLList.cs), it's just currently unused.


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> I think for the access control and the modification right we need an
> acl type of thing, for the communication puposes something like a
> social app would be better I would be cool I if would be possible to
> connect opensim to some sort of social app like hypes or yahoo.
> >i would argue that we first of all need a proper group system, then we
> can make
> >use of the group system for various other purposes, such as access
> control,
> >modification rights, communication purposes.
> > DrS/dirk

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