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HG Offline IMs Delivery?

Just asking this in case there is a quick reply from someone... if
its a real bug I will report it on Mantis.

I am seeing different messages when I send an IM reply or message to
someone on a different grid (in friends list or just to reply to
someone) who is offline at the time....  the message makes me think
that the IM might not be qued for later delivery as I would wexpect it to be.

Is it just the message needs altering to indicate the message is
saved rather than saying unable to send instant message, or is there
a fundamental problem and HG offline delivered IMs don't work?

To offline user on same grid (on both OSGrid and Openvue grid)

User is not logged in. Message saved.

To offline user on different grid (on both OSGrid and Openvue grid)

System (busy response): Unable to send instant message. User is not logged in.

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