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HG links: support for specifying regions

Diva Canto
Short summary:
As of r8276, there are couple of improvements related to hyperlinking grids:

1) Support for hyperlinking to specific regions within an instance
2) Basic sanity checks, like the 4096 limitation


You can now hyperlink to a specific region within an opensim instance by
adding the name of that region at the end, like this:


For example:

ucigrid04.nacs.uci.edu:9007:Gateway 7000

This new form can be used both on the console command link-region, and
on the dynamic links.

- The console command continues to support the old format, but it also
supports the new one, which is now recommended

- For dynamic links you can now do things like this, for example:

secondlife://ucigrid04.nacs.uci.edu:9007:Gateway 7000/

secondlife://ucigrid04.nacs.uci.edu:9007:Gateway 7000/65/34

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