Help: Floating helpless in mid air in an empty sim

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Help: Floating helpless in mid air in an empty sim

Hi everyone

I've rebuilt OpenSim on our vleinternal server, cleared out the
database, reconfigured OpenSim.ini from scratch and have just
successfully logged back in from the remote Hippo client

When I logged in the client said my previous location was unavailable
and my avi was left hovering in mid air in a totally empty sim unable
to do anything apart from turn through 360 degrees. Now I have just
been automatically logged out of the client and the folowing message
has appeared on the server console:

Client for agent Clive Pro c550dbb6-5f55-461a-8915-fa79cec985f2 has
stopped responding to pings.  Closing connection

Help, what have I done wrong please???

Any ideas??



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I've got OpenSim 0.66 running happily on our standbyvle (CentOS 5.3)
server and connections from the Hippo client are fine :)

I've logged the install process that I followed here:

However, I have just installed OpenSim on our vleinternal server which
is running exactly the same version of CentOS and is on the same
subnet as standbyvle. I have copied the OpenSim.ini file over from
standbyvle (via a web browser window) and just modified the URL/IP
address settings to suit the new server.

The OpenSim server starts fine on vleinternal, however when I connect
to it from the Hippo client I can log in, but all I can see is sea and
all I can do is turn through 360 degrees, but can't fly or go up or
down. It's as if I'm not being logged into my home region, but left
hovering somewhere else in limbo.

Just wondered if this had happened to anyone else?

Any solutions other than rebuilding the simulator and an reconfiguring
OpenSim.ini from the example file??


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