How to switch to the new server architecture

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How to switch to the new server architecture

Marian Schramm | liventura

Hello guys,


i would like to switch our system to the new server architecture. These 2 sites on the wiki

don’t really help at all to change this. Until now i start all “OpenSim.Grid.XXXXServer.exe” (UGAIM),

after that I start the Regions Instances (OpenSim.exe’s). So … and now?? How it works now?


There are connectors, services, servers, dll-files and a lot of ini-files, but there are only 2 pages in the

wiki. Could someone maybe write a short summary about switching from the classic “UGAIM” Servers to the

new software architecture. That’s would be really nice … so we can test these new form of the code

in action.




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