HyperGrid Headache? - HELP!!!!

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HyperGrid Headache? - HELP!!!!

John Sheridan
Ok, I've been fighting with this all night.  I configured one of my
grid's servers to act as a hypergrid node.  So far I'm able to teleport
to other grids without a problem.  I've yet to try the reverse, but
thats for another time.  Everything so far seems to be going good with
one minor hitch that's been driving me up a wall for the past five
hours.  When I start OpenSim with -hypergrid=true a user's inventory
will no longer load when they're on that server.  It loads just fine on
the other servers and if I start OpenSim normally it works fine.  I've
checked everything inside OpenSim.ini on the sim server as well I've
reconfigured the grid services (hosted on another server) to all run off
of the external ip instead of the loopback.  There are no traces of or localhost or any of that jazz in any of my config files.  
Yet I'm getting this error which is presumably why inventory will not load:

09:19:39 - [HGrid INVENTORY SERVICE]: Requesting inventory from for user
841316e1-af93-4b6a-b370-f9ec31d2f467 (841316e1-af93-4b6a-b370-f9ec31d2f467)
09:19:39 - [HGrid INVENTORY SERVICE]: Request inventory operation
failed, System Error: ConnectFailure

Can anybody help please? :)

 - John Sheridan / Orion Pseudo

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