Initial Tests of WhiteCore 0.9.1

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Initial Tests of WhiteCore 0.9.1

The WhiteCore team which took over the AuroraSim developments
released their first version recently via Github at

A web front end is included in the core and works "out of the box".
The ability to load IARs as initial libraries appears to work in Grid
mode as well as standalone, something that OpenSim currently only
supports in standalone mode. There is mention of improvement to
Warp3D which I hope can make their way back into the shared OpenSim
code base. No Hypergrid capability is yet supported.

For those interested you can see my initial tests on a simple Grid
setup using the OpenVCE OAR and my usual avatar IAR in this blog post:

For @Fly_Man and @greythane I provided some initial feedback on
issues as I found them in my testing in a comment at the end of the
blog post...

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