Items purchased on Hypergrid never delivered in inventory...

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Items purchased on Hypergrid never delivered in inventory...

Luca Villani

I'm starting playing with OpenSim in hypergrid enables grid
configuration, with robust and opensimulator started on the same server.

My configuration is very simple, only few directives modified from
example ini files, and both robust and simulator have their directory
and mysql database, and run on a debian wheezy.
Port 8002, 8003 and 9000-9999 (tcp and udp) are open on firewall (tested
with telnet and nc from a different network).

All looks fine, except hypergrid purchasing: purchased items are never
delivered in inventory.

Local purchasing is ok, the same simulator version works fine if I
started a standalone simulator with hypergrid enables, we got the same
behaviour with both binary and starting from source package...

I think it's only a configuration problem, but every test I made was

Can someone give me some hints?

Luca Villani  -, NOC manager

UIN: 76272621    Skype: luca.villani
GPG public key available
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