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LSL Scrip Functionality Implemented - Last Push

Ai Austin
It was noted before that only about 27 LSL functions remained to be
completed.  In bringing over materials from SL to Opensim, the main
thing I have spotted is a few simple syntax and conditional handling
things not yet in the Opensim end:

1. for (;i<0...) where there is no initializer has io have the
initializer put in explicitly as. i.e. for (i=0; i<...)
This is already reported on mantis

2. if ( id & (CONSTANT 1| CONSTANT2))  style constructs to do boolean
ops on flags seem to cause problems.  I still have to check if its
because the constants I was trying to use are not yet set in Opensim
or if its the boolean ops themselves which are not implemented.

3. CONSTANTS - I am not sure if all are enabled.  We recently spotted
the missing default media and transparent texture ones which are in
the recent SVN builds. Thanks.  Someone who knows their stuff here
and is familiar with the code and checkout/in processes (I am afraid
that excludes me) might be able to do a thorough rigorous check that
they are implemented?

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