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Latest git head hangs on Connecting to Region...

Paul Fishwick
With news of the problem being fixed for white hair/white eyes,
I checked out the most recent trunk opensim tonight and had a couple of
problems that I have not noticed with my Dec. 23rd version. Both the
Dec. 23rd version and tonight's use the same mysql database and same
configuration settings in OpenSim.ini, the Regions/*, config-include/*

 1. Server: Ubuntu 64 bit, Standalone, 4 regions; Client: SL 1.23.5

 2. Start up/shutdown mono OpenSim.exe a couple of times, and everything
loads, however,
 then when starting OpenSim a 3rd or 4th time, I get "Connecting to
Region..." and the client hangs.
 It never gets to "Loading World...:"
 I cannot see any obvious errors in the server log, but I could have
missed something.

 3. Freeswitch has stopped working (works fine with the Dec 23rd version).
 [Freeswitch] is enabled with all the correct settings from the Dec 23rd

Anyway...could be a misconfiguration, as usual, somewhere. One thing I
do notice is
that by removing bin/estate_settings.xml, this at least temporarily
causes the client to
start up and get past "Connecting to Region..."


Paul Fishwick, PhD
University of Florida
CISE Department, CSE 301
Gainesville, FL 32611
Email: [hidden email]

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