Maptile Generation vs. Custom Maptiles

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Maptile Generation vs. Custom Maptiles
Maptile Generation vs. Custom Maptiles


is anybody using his own maptiles (not the maptiles generated by the Region) ?

I have added the UUID of a graphic (previously uploaded to MetroGrid) in the Regions.ini ( MaptileStaticUUID = xx-xxx),

and in the opensim.ini (  MaptileStaticUUID = xx-xxx ). I have disabled the maptile generation via the opensim.ini
( GenerateMaptiles = false) but the viewer only displays the maptile generated by the Region and not the one
i specified via the UUID. 

Does the maptile need a specific  format (.jpg or .png) or a specific Size (e.g 128x120 or 256x256) 
Any ideas ? (I am running opensim 0.8.0 DEV version using Warp3DImageModule with the Singularity Viewer)

Best regards,
Wordromthe Wise

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