MoneyModule Breaking changes. Warning! Action Required.

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MoneyModule Breaking changes. Warning! Action Required.

Teravus Ovares
Good morning everyone,

The OpenSimulator core developers have voted to remove all code and
logic from SVN that maintains and manages any state related to
money/currency.   This affects anyone who was previously using the
SampleMoneyModule and the XMLRPC external hooks for outside code.

The IMoneyModule interface will still exist, and the now crippled
SampleMoneyModule has been moved to it's own assembly that we intend
for people to replace with a module that they developed individually.

If you previously used the MoneyModule External XMLRPC hooks, please
consult with the OpenSimWi developers.  They are continuing the effort

I repeat, these changes are breaking to users and module developers.
This notice will give you time to evaluate changes that need to be
made to accomodate the new structure.

Best Regards

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