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Mysql dedcated server vrs OS migration oop's

I was looking thru the mantis the other day and see a few had problems with migrations. It was suggested that some of the migration command's may choke because Mysql it trying to rev look up host names and rejecting some of them.

After thinking about it and looking at the outta the box set up of mysql, it does seem to want to do that verry thing.

In this case some would have problems and others never would depending on how thay use a mysql server.
I use a remote lan ip# not a host name that points to a dedicated mysql server on the same LAN.
There is no resion in that case MYsql should need to rev. look up anything as its beeing called by its lan ip#.

Anyway i added the following to the my.ini

#Don't resolve hostnames. All hostnames are IP's or 'localhost'.
#Don't cache host names.

OS can call the remote lan server directly by IP so there is no Hostname to look up anyway. And if im right may well be my some migrations fail for some and not others.

If you run mysql and OS on the same box though, this wouldent matter anyway.

Im no wiz at Mysql and not totaly shure if this could be the resion some migrations fail. Setting these caused no problems and can easly be removed if thats not quite right.

I know others here have a better knowlage of this stuff and more imput welcome.

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