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Willem Huisman
Hello everyone,

Have just subscribed to this mailinglist and thought a little introduction from my side might be appropriate.

I am WiLLuMPJuH Huisman, some might know me already from the IRC channel I use(d) to be in, but finally I found
these lists to use and keep my ramblings away from real-time communication in this project.

I am a simple, uneducated plebian attempting to run opensim as a simulator for personal, non-economic use.

Not running a productional environment I live on Opensim's bleeding edge of development( yes, imma happy unaffected hardcore trunk-tester .. :) ).

My native language is Dutch, though I am able to read English and German as well. Although I tend to be complicated or confusing , I am willing to understand
things that can be understood in plain simple language, as far as non-English spoken EU-citizens are able to. If I can understand running Opensim on a linux-based system, anyone can.

My appreciation for this project and the commitment of it's developers is very high. To be as least in the way as I can, I will do
more reading than writing or posting. I will watch discussion on these lists and might comment on some. I have no technical authority whatsoever, so don't mind
any of my mistakes or false conclusions / assumptions too much.

Sincere regards,

WiLLuMPJuH Huisman

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