ODE issues between 2 machines (same opensim directory/files)

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ODE issues between 2 machines (same opensim directory/files)

Paul Fishwick
Some odd physics-related issues between 2 identical configurations, but on
two different machines:

1) I have an opensim region (Sqlite dbs) working fine on Machine-1  
which runs Ubuntu 8.10
2) I copied this entire opensim directory to a newer machine, Machine-2,
(multi-core, possibly 64 bit) running Ubuntu 9.10
3) On Machine-1, the ODE physics seem to work fine for the most part
4) On Machine-2, which is using the exact same opensim directory and
files as Machine-1, there are bent legs and legs
    penetrating the ground

I would expect the environments to operate the same, unless the ODE lib
is being dynamically linked someplace
other than the opensim directory? The only difference between the
opensim directory on Machine-1 vs Machine-2 is that
I had to change the External Host Name to match that machine (in

To see if the issue was between 32 bit and 64 bit, I ran "mono
OpenSim.32BitLaunch.exe" on Machine-2, but
that didn't change the physics problems on that machine.  Perhaps, the
ODE lib on Machine-1 is linking
libode.so whereas the one on Machine-2 is using libode-x86.64.so and
that there are functional differences
between the two?

Any ideas?


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