ODE settings for avoiding 2 poses

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ODE settings for avoiding 2 poses

Paul Fishwick
1) T-pose: there was a mantis filed on the issue of avatars (and, by
     extension, bots) logging in and starting with a T pose (arms raised).
     Ref: http://opensimulator.org/mantis/view.php?id=2549

     Have any users seen a workaround by adjusting the ODE parameters?

     Perhaps a workaround could be to use libomv to start the "default"
     animation upon login (if such an animation exists)---by "default",
I mean
     whatever animation one is in normally when standing up and slightly
     around, prior to using any custom animations.

2) Another physics-related question: when an avatar shifts their height,
as when
    climbing a set of stairs, this "pose" is all too common:


     Same question as for #1: has anyone figured out an ODE setting that
     this from happening? The avatar is neither flying nor standing -- a
kind of in
     between state.


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