OSGrid Offline for MySQL Maintenance for a few hours

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OSGrid Offline for MySQL Maintenance for a few hours

Charles Krinke-3
We had to take OSGrid offline this afternoon to export the MySQL database which has grown to 78GByte of the 115GByte available. This project involves the export, a table drop, a table optimize, re-import, and then deleting all assets whose "access_time" field is zero.

The implication of the "access_time" field being zero means that the table entry has not be accessed since access_times started being written into the database, which is right around mid-November. We have over 1,000,000 entries in the assets table of which we estimate about 1/3 to 1/2 are unused, unusable and obsolete. The criteria for this pruning project is those assets not accessed since mid November.

We only have a limited amount of space on the RAID array in the server so kindly donated by ESC for OSGrid, so until we can negotiate more disk space, this is the best option.

Because we are all volunteers and some of the participants are in Europe, Australia and the US, it is necessary to do this project this afternoon as opposed to in the middle of the night.

Please bear with us as we proceed.

Charles Krinke
Director of OSGrid
OpenSim Core Developer

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