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Charles Krinke-3
I have been thinking of and discussing an idea with a couple of others of what I think could be an interesting project on OSGrid. That project is to create a world map of regions.

There are lots of questions to answer so perhaps we could discuss the worthiness of the project before we shoot it down as too wild. Let me explain some of what I have in mind.

I think we could take an area on the grid of some rectangular area down less then 4096,4096 and declare it for a world map. This map would be a scale model, in other words, it would be smaller then the real world so the number of regions is practical. It doesnt really matter if one can cross the english channel as if one has seven league boots on, it matters more that we create a recognizable world map that new users to OpenSim could say 'Hey, I know what that is".

As I think about it, there could be different activities and builds representing loosely what we currently perceive. Things like:

1. Bridges/tunnels across gibralter/bering/himalayas to allow futurists to visualize.
2. Ecology notions that affect large regions like drainage/rivers/dams
3. Certain cities for technical (Silicon Valley, Boston, Cern, Taiwan), financial (NYC, London), Theological (Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca), Educational (Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Pasadena)
4. RL companies locations in Seattle, China, Japan, Europe.

The large ocean areas could be foreshortened *or* we could just let them evolve into islands. The large land masses could be mainland areas.

Anyway, thats my wild idea for OSGrid, and I welcome any comments or ideas.


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