OSGrid social -- Sunday, 1900-2000 UTC, M1 Rock

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OSGrid social -- Sunday, 1900-2000 UTC, M1 Rock

Dave Coyle
There was a good turnout at M1 Rock duing the OpenSim birthday
celebrations back in January, and M1sha Dallin has offered to host
another one this Sunday.  Hopefully we can make this a regular thing,
giving people a way to meet other OpenSim users and, hopefully, get
some more insight into some OpenSim performance issues under av load.

    Party at M1 Rock, with DJ Warmi Nhusta
    at the clubhouse on the "M1 Rock" region on OSGrid
    Sunday, 05 April 2009
    1900 - 2000 UTC

So, assuming I have sufficient math and DST skills, that would be:
    2100 - 2200 -- Denmark (CEST)
    2000 - 2100 -- UK (BST)
    3pm - 4pm   -- New York (EDT)
    Noon - 1pm  -- California (PDT)

(The event will be held according to UTC, so if my math is wrong just
use your local UTC offset.)

Open to all, including Hypergridders from other grids.

And thanks to M1sha and Warmi for volunteering.

See you there!

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