Odd problem with cross server's

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Odd problem with cross server's

I have had no luck trying to figuer this one out.
I have serveral server that form one Grid. A frontend on another thay all use.
What i have been seeing for sometime now is this.
Server A (some regions) Server B (more regions) User A logs into server A and send off a message to someone not on atm. Why hes there also say sets some land forsale and makes it searchable (np yet).

Now user B logs in to server A and sees the message that was sent and looks in search for the land that was set for sale by user A. (still all good).

The problem starts is IF user B dident log into server A but rather server B, there is no message waiting and the search shows nothing about users A land at all. User B tp's to server A from B still no message but can now see the land that was set in search.

User A logs on seeing that user B is on. Logs into server A , User B is back on server B thay are friends but User B never gets the popup saying thay are online. ether way.

User A relogs but inot server B user B is there. And sees the popup about user A has logged in.

I think you get the idea. The thing is that up untill about 2mos ago none of that was a problem no matter what server thay logged into.

I am running current stuff Inc the front end addons ect. and other than rev changes to opensimulator no major changes have been made from the time none of it was an issue.

Im rather stumped and has defeted our best attemps to fix. Hopefully someone here may have allready worked it out or at least has a good idea whats going on with that.

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