Only 21 days to JVWR Live demos of Oculus Rift and Google Glass in Milan, Italy

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Only 21 days to JVWR Live demos of Oculus Rift and Google Glass in Milan, Italy

Tzafnat Shpak

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Only 21 days left!
Dec. 15 in Milan, Italy:
Google Glass & Oculus Rift live demos.

Meet 50 scholars, researchers & industry leaders in

Get your tickets NOW!

Some 10 presentations, discussions and demos at ICIS 2013 annual conference.


13:00-14:00 Gathering + Lunch
  • Getting to know each other
14:00-15:00 Live Demos, Q&A
  • Google Glass
  • Oculus Rift

15:00-15:15 Break

15:15-16:30 Invited talks
  • Privacy in Virtual Worlds
  • Virtual Worlds from a Neuroscience Perspective
  • Virtual Currencies
  • Taxation of Virtual World Economies
16:30-17:00 Lightning Talks
  • Linguistic and Multilingual Issues in Virtual Worlds
  • Finding Virtual Support
  • Two Decades of Artistic Works Using Computational Ecosystems
17:00-17:30 Editors’ perspective
  • Reflections on 3D3C worlds
  • Advancing Research - Springer / JVWR
More details on the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research site.

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Get your tickets NOW!

Looking forward to seeing you in Milan, December 15, 2013

Prof. Yesha Sivan
Managing Editor
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