OpenSim and MySQL Versions

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Re: OpenSim and MySQL Versions

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I want to note that this problem may also exist on the Mac platform. I think we will also need a new .dll file.
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Livestream of Fashion Symposium - Exploring impact of 3D internet and VWs on Fashion Industry

Robin Teigland
In reply to this post by lamont cranston
Here is the livestream of our NVWN symposium - Fashion through the looking glass -
More info on symposium here :


Robin Teigland, PhD

Associate Professor

Center for Strategy and Competitiveness

Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm, Sweden

skype: robin.teigland

twitter: RobinTeigland

Second Life: Karinda Rhode

OpenSim: Robin Teigland

Check out NVWN - Nordic Worlds Virtual Network!  An international, inter-disciplinary project co-funded by NICe investigating entrepreneurship and innovation through virtual worlds and the 3D internet: or on twitter: #NVWN.


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