OpenSim and Multi-core/Multi-processor Systems

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OpenSim and Multi-core/Multi-processor Systems


>Douglas Maxwell....
>Hi Austin,  the reason I recommend you configure multiple processors
>for MIAB is because of all the different processes running in the
>VM.  In addition to OpenSim, there is Apache, MySQL, etc...  The
>extra processors help balance load.
>The only time I've seen multiprocessor systems benefit OpenSim was
>with our DGS experiments.  Currently your best bet for performance
>enhancement with regular OpenSimulator is with vertical scaling
>(faster computer).  Hope this helps.

It does indeed Doug, and thanks for clarifying that.  I did wonder if
it was because of the other non-OpenSim elements, so its good to know
that's the reason for your recommendation.
Ai (Austin)

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