Overte is going away as a formal organization

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Overte is going away as a formal organization

Hi folks,

The original reason for setting up Overte was as a legal entity to receive Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) and to
pass on any patent rights effectively granted through those CLAs.  However, we also hoped that it could act as an
organization for community activity and perhaps receiving money to pay for development.

In some of these things it has been a success.  In particular it successfully acted as a focal point for producing the
OpenSimulator conferences in conjunction with Avacon.

However, handling money is a complex issue for all kinds of reasons, particularly for software developers who hate
bureaucracy.  For that reason, we never went down this path.  Indeed, the organization instead has cost considerable
money because it's not free to register a non-profit company.

For this reason and because the CLAs are going away anyway, Overte will now cease to be a formal legal entity.  It may
continue to exist informally.

Justin Clark-Casey (justincc)
OSVW Consulting
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