Pedagogy 2 of 2! The new JVWR issue is published!

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Pedagogy 2 of 2! The new JVWR issue is published!

The Journal for Virtual Worlds Research
Volume 12, Number 1 (2019) Pedagogy - Taking Stock and Looking Forward
issue (Part 2) by the Journal for Virtual Worlds Research.
 *Pedagogy (Part 2)*

We are happy to announce the publication of a NEW ISSUE of the Journal of
Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR) - the second and concluding part of the
special issue on Pedagogy.
 Volume 12, Number 1 (2019): Pedagogy - Taking Stock and Looking Forward
(Part 2)

Issue Editors:
*Kenneth Y. T. Lim*, National Institute of Education, Singapore
*Cátia Ferreira*, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of a landmark issue of the Journal of
Virtual Worlds Research, which was themed on ‘Pedagogy,’ an issue that was
the fruition of a vision of the late Dr. Leslie Jarmon, who was a pioneer
academic in the use of virtual worlds and immersive environments for

In this second and concluding part of the two-part special issue - four
more academic papers which together paint a colorful canvas on just how far
we have come, from those early tentative steps during which we explored the
nexus between immersive environments and learning a decade ago.

Issue Editor Corner

*Kenneth Y T Lim, Catia Ferreira*
Peer Reviewed Research Papers
Practical Learning in Virtual Worlds: Confronting Literature with Health
Educators’ Perspectives
*Kate Dagleish, Mary Laurenson*

Alternative Embodied Cognitions at Play Evaluation of Audio-Based
Navigation in Virtual Settings via Interactive Sounds
*Enrico Gandolfi, Robert Clements*

Pedagogy of Productive Failure: Navigating the Challenges of Integrating VR
into the Classroom
*Marijel Melo, Elizabeth Bentley, Ken S. McAllister, José Cortez*

Virtual Reality in Education: Focus on the Role of Emotions and
Physiological Reactivity
*Mikko Vesisenaho, Merja Juntunen, Päivi Häkkinen, Johanna Pöysä-Tarhonen,
Janne Fagerlund, Iryna Miakush, Tiina Parviainen*


More from The JVWR
TheJVWR next issue of 2019 will be on the *IMPACT of immersive environments*
expecting to tackle issues like the following, and more:

   -     What is the usefulness of such research?
   -     Who are the main beneficiaries of the research?
   -     What real-world problems does the research on virtual worlds
   -     How can the effectiveness of the research be measured, if at all?
   -     Can we identify short, medium and longer term conceptions of

In *Q3/2019* we will publish another Assembled issue. This is a place for
various papers, on the topic of the journal, collected during the preceding
year. You are invited to upload your research paper at any time to our
system (register here
and it will be considered as a candidate for publication in 2019.

to see how to suggest a topic and become an issue editor


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*Enjoy reading!*

*Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan*

*The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research*


Pedagogy - Taking Stock and Looking Forward (Part 2)
Vol. 12, No. 1
*Copyright © 2019 Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, All rights reserved.*
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