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Problems with ModPayPal

Erik Bainbridge (Apollo Manga)
Problems with ModPayPal I'm hoping that someone who's installed Mod-PayPal can offer suggestions about what I might be doing wrong.

I had it working in December when I installed it and ran some simple tests.  Then I turned my attention to something else and when I returned recently to Mod-PayPal, it was no longer working.  Obviously something's changed somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it.

When I look at my Paypal sandbox accounts, everything appears to have processed successfully for both the buyer and seller, but the ownership never changes in my grid.  It's a problem both with selling land and selling objects.  I can "sell" land for free in OpenSim, but not for a price through Paypal.

I've recompiled after copying mod-paypal to addon-modules, I've added the contents of paypal,.ini to OpenSim.ini, and I've confirmed that my buyer & seller emails are consistent in the database, in OpenSim.ini, and in the Paypal sandbox.

My configuration:

- OpenSim (also tested on 0.8.0 Dev)
- Two region servers.  I've tested Mod-Paypal on both.
- Separate Robust server
- Windows 2008 Server R2

I've overlooking something that's probably painfully obvious,  I hope that someone who's done it will have a suggestion.

Erik Gordon Bainbridge
Author, virtual worlds builder (avatar: Apollo Manga)  
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