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Jane Foxclaw
Ok, I setup the xmlrpc.php and it just doesn't work. I have tried many things.. but i just get nothing.  I know i'm doing something not right but I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

    $dbName = "userdatabasename";
    $dbHost = "localhost";
    $dbPort = "3306";
    $dbUser = "root";
    $dbPassword ="mysqlpw";
    // Set to 0 for no debugging, 1 for essential debugging, 2 for more information.
    $debugXMLRPC = 2;
    $debugXMLRPCFile = "xmlrpc.log";
//// Group security
// A xmlrpc client must have this key to commit changes to the Groups DB
// Leave blank to allow all clients to make changes.
$groupWriteKey = '';
$groupReadKey  = '';
// Enabling this, will require that the service attempt to verify the agent
// is authentic by contacting the User Service specified in the request
// to authenticate the AgentID and SessionID provided.
$groupRequireAgentAuthForWrite = TRUE;
// This enforces the role Permissions bitmask.
$groupEnforceGroupPerms = TRUE;
// Specify the following to hard-code / lockdown the User Service used to authenticate
// user sessions.  Example:
// Note:  This causes the User Service specified with requests to be ignored, and 
// prevents the service from being used cross-grid or by hypergridded users.
//$overrideAgentUserService = 'http://mytestserverdomainname:8002';
// This setting configures the behavior of the "Members are Visible" checkbox
// provided for on the Role configuration panel -- and determines who is allowed
// to get a list of members for a role when that checkbox is *NOT* checked.
$membersVisibleTo = 'Group'; // Anyone in the group can see members
// $membersVisibleTo = 'Owners'; // Only members of the owners role can see members
// $membersVisibleTo = 'All'; // Anyone can see members
in the opensim.ini file I have this for the groups section
    Enabled = true

    ; This is the current groups stub in Region.CoreModules.Avatar.Groups
    ;Module  = Default

    ; The PHP code for the server is available from the Flotsam project for you to deploy
    ; to your own server.  The Flotsam project is located at
    Module  = XmlRpcGroups

    ; Enable Group Notices
    NoticesEnabled   = true

    ; This makes the Groups modules very chatty on the console.
    DebugEnabled     = false

    ; Specify which messaging module to use for groups messaging and if it's enabled
    MessagingModule = GroupsMessagingModule
    MessagingEnabled = true

    ; Service connector to Groups Service [Select One]
    ; XmlRpc Service Connector to the Flotsam XmlRpc Groups Service Implementation
     ServicesConnectorModule = XmlRpcGroupsServicesConnector
     XmlRpcServiceURL        = http://mytestserverdomainname/groups/xmlrpc.php
     XmlRpcServiceReadKey    = 1234
     XmlRpcServiceWriteKey   = 1234
     XmlRpcMessagingEnabled = true
     XmlRpcNoticesEnabled   = true

    ; Disables HTTP Keep-Alive for XmlRpcGroupsServicesConnector HTTP Requests,
    ; this is a work around fora problem discovered on some Windows based region servers.
    ; Only disable keep alive if you see a large number (dozens) of the following Exceptions:
    ; System.Net.WebException: The request was aborted: The request was canceled.
    ; XmlRpcDisableKeepAlive = false

not sure what i'm doing wrong here. any ideas ?


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