Question about save iar -f switch

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Question about save iar -f switch

Chris M
Hello all I have a quick question about the -f switch for save iar.

I am attempting to exclude the Current Outfit directory as I save an IAR
of my inventory for use to loading my inventory to another account on
the same database. However, when I load the IAR, the contents of Current
Outfit shows up on the other account when it finishes (i.e. All the
currently worn avatar parts' links from where I saved).

Example of command issued to save:
save iar --noassets -f "/Current Outfit" Test User / (password edited
out) c:\testuser.iar

Am I perhaps utilizing the switch wrong? If so, what is the correct usage?

Thank you!

OpenSim: 10 Region Standalone on 0.8.1 Dev
Physics: Open Dynamics Engine
OS: Windows 7 (x64)
CPU: AMD FX 8320 8-Core 3.5 GHz
Memory: 16 GB DDR3
Database: MySQL 5.1.63 (x64)

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Re: Question about save iar -f switch

Isis Ophelia
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Sharing how I do it, maybe helps you

1) I empty my bin trash in the sending Inventory
2) save iar username / password
3) this will save the user-inventory as iar and place it in the bin folder
4) in the receiving inventory, direct under My Inventory I make a new folder and give it a short name like xfer
5) I put the saved iar in the bin folder and in the console I write load iar username xfer password
6) this will put the complete inventory in the folder xfer. I can then delete what I dont need or update files if the iar gives me newer versions, etc and all what I dont need I just delete.

For myself this method is less fuzzy than using switches because I know exactly what I have in the IAR and what I want to have in the receiving account.