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Ralf Haifisch
Hi there,
because time is running out - i guess if Ai just picks the stuff and imports its to osgrid (libsl client, oder second inventory) i would be happy to set up a place to put it, that would be Hypergrid enabled.  Since i distribute the new hypergrid-xml for a bunch of regions and have contact to thos in gateway or running the regions in osgrid i could then easly spread the word to them.
that is maybe not the high end technological way, but i could open a region for Ai as a estae manager this evening (in about 7h).
Ai:  if thats is of interest - please email me directly besides letting the mailing list know   ralf (at)  since i will read that much earlier.




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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 08:49:08 +0000

From: Ai Austin <[hidden email]>

Subject: Re: [Opensim-users] Clever Zebra Buildings and Assets for

      landscaping, building etc

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At 06:01 28/01/2009, "Dirk Krause" <[hidden email]> wrote:

>That's very good news. I think the Clever Zebra content is of high

>quality. Do you think you could (until there is some kind of

>inventory export) export some of their stuff to OAR and put it up,

>maybe here?



Will do Dirk... I will make just a Clever Zebra assets OAR separatel

to others I am wokign on to share.  If someone has an idea on how

best to set up a resource sharing area for Opensim content that would

be good to get in place about now.  Ai


Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Ralf Hülsmann

Ralf Huelsmann                       
Bartzheide 78                                    [hidden email]
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