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Ai Austin
At 23:55 29/01/2009, Ralf Haifisch wrote:
>all regions are live, yes
>could get into it with no trouble - see
>below...    but its alpha software and you never know…

Odd, I just cannot get there.   I have tried a
dozen times last night from home and today at work

I can teleport to Wright Plaza and Sandbox Island
fine, so the OS Grid is running, and I can see
Sharkland homestead NE on the map, and so on.  but just cannot teleport.

Tell you what.  I just left a box with the 4
parts of the Clever Zebra Galleria, and the
required notecard/licence with the relative
position to place each of the 4 parts in to
reassemble it properly.  It is available for you
to copy or pick up the contents.  Its at Wright
Plaza under one of the bog trees where the freebie pickup boxes are.
Wright Plaza (77,188,22)

For some reason my floating text that labels it
does not show up, so sorry if you have to go hunting.

I will do a proper package of the Clever Zebra
stuff for the Opensim community when I get chance.  Ai

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