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Hi Chris

Perhaps the information below might be of help:

We wanted to provide access to the simulator both externally from the
Internet (via a GNAT box) and internally from the staff and student
intranets (via an ISA Server Firewall). The main problem we enountered
with internal and external access related to the region handshake
failing. During login, it appears that the client initially uses the
address associated with the client Login URI box (FQDN accepted here)
to connect to the server and exchange authentication information using
the TCP protocol. Before the region handshake takes place the server
provides the client with a new IP address to use in client server
communications. This is derived from the ExternalHostName parameter in
Regions.ini (FQDN NOT accepted here). When the client reaches the
point of the region handshake, it switches to using a mix of TCP & UDP
protocols and the new server IP address. This change of address for
the server can easily result in the region handshake failing if the
client cannot reach the server on the new address. The client
initiates the region handshake by sending UDP packet(s) and times out
if these packets are undeliverable.

Very best of luck

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