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Re: Help: Problems with wifi installation

Clive Gould wrote:
>Just wondering if the problem is that I had to use a git master (commit
>3e5b1a1) to get OpenSim to work with a later version of MySQL, could this be
>why wifi won't work for me?
>Do I need to wait until 0.7.1 comes out??

Clive, the precompiled Wifi add on zip from Diva works only with
releases up to

Her source code area at 
does contain a version as at 8-Mar-2011 at the moment that you might
be able to use, or merge the Wifi bits (just merge in the
addon-modules directory and the WifiPages directory) with the latest
0.7.1 dev master before you runprebuild and compile.  Her 8-Mar-2011
Wifi version version works with 0.7.1 dev master current releases.

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