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Re: [Opensim-dev] Compile of wifi with 0.7.6 fails partly

At 16:34 14/09/2013, Shaun wrote:
>If you drop in her binary distribution for 0.7.5, and don't use her
>mysql connector, then it will work fine, you just won't have any updated
>numbers on your Wifi page. This is what I'm currently doing.

As Shaun says, WiFi pre-compiled 0.7.5 works with 0.7.6 except for
the Diva.Data.MySQL.dll which has some incompatibilities.  Just
replace reference to that in your .ini files with Data.MySQL.dll and
it mostly works for me with latest 0.7.6 dev master.. including
updated numbers on the Wifi splash  and welcome screens.  The only
think that does not work for me is groups inside WiFi when using the
new core V2 groups... but I hope that will all come good when 0,7.6
is formally released and Diva rebuilds here binaries then.She has
clearly stated she just creates a new WiFi release when a formal
OpenSim release is made.

My attempt to compile from the latest Wifi source led to compile errors.

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