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Stefan Andersson
Excellent to hear that!
Basically, I was thinking this would be an excellent opportunity for each grid to further OpenSim and themselves by 
* take the opprotunity to demo and publicize noteworthy services or content.
* set up what we call a 'hypergridded dmz storefront' - in effect, a public standalone region not connected to the main grid services.
and definitively
* blog about this joyous occasion, each telling their own OpenSim story.
This would allow each grid to participate in the hypergrid linkfest and birthday celebration club-hopping schemes without jeopardizing any of their content.
On the storefront, you could typically set some demo content up
* demoing your grid and what's going on there
* establishing a media parcel url going to a live voice feed so that you could hold voice demonstrations, dj sessions and panel discussions on topics relevant to your grid.
* some avatar appearance/merchandise items that you are ready to give to the public domain
This is a great opportunity to acquaint yourself with what it means to run a hypergrid region; and we hope to scare a bunch of ugly bugs out of their holes as a result.
If you're planning on doing anything for OpenSims second birthday, be sure to post it on
If there is no heading suitable for your project, just make one - it's a wiki!
Best regards,
Stefan Andersson
Tribal Media AB

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> Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 09:22:23 -0500
> Subject: Re: [Opensim-dev] Proposal: 2nd birthday parties + cleanup
> We love all these ideas at ReactionGrid Stefan! Please guide us through
> some initial ideas to pull this multigrid party off and we will participate!
> Kyle G
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> From: Stefan Andersson [hidden email]
> Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 15:16:34 +0100
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> Subject: [Opensim-dev] Proposal: 2nd birthday parties + cleanup
> Guys,
> first of all, sorry for the cross-post, just wanted to get maximum
> attention for a worthy cause.
> OpenSims 2nd birthday is coming up (jan 29)
> I don't propose cheesy 'cultural' events; but:
> a) we should have a page on the wiki where everybody could post a short
> notice about where and when and on what grid parties will be held.
> b) I propose the hypergrid community start linking their party regions so
> we all can go club hopping.
> c) As a birthday present to ourselves, I propose a facelift and clean up.
> What I mean with c) is:
> * Last I saw, our default Library content node sucked.* Now I'm looking
> around, I see quite a lot of people making high-grade content available
> under various compatible licenses.* Let's work to rally together a
> high-quality default library.
> * Users, you find content libraries, try it and report it.
> * Creators, you work with devs to find good ways of importing it into the
> lib.
> * Devs, you start thinking on how to make the importing really really
> easy.
> * What I would like to see is a crem-de-la-creme default library node,
> Making OpenSim look really god damn good out-of-the-box
> anybody up for that?
> Also,
> * The default island; we really should have a better default island. With
> some demo content allowing people to toy around with various aspects of
> opensim.
> * You grid people, couldn't you set up a region where a group of people
> could work cooperative to make a demo 'welcome' island, and then just
> save-oar it so we can distribute it with the core distro? So noobs could
> just load-oar demo.xml and hey presto!
> And as an added bonus;
> * We should have a simple 'create avatar' as part of the opensim ecosystem.
> With this I mean something in the 'register user' or 'create user' that
> allows to specify a template for that avatar.
> * Tribal just recently added support for inventory cloning and wearing into
> the trunk, could you php registration guys (yo redux!) work with us to make
> a nice 'choose avatar' step in the registration process?
> Here's saying skol, salut, chin-chin in anticipation of our third year
> together. This is going to be a wonderful year! Best regards,Stefan
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