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> Justin Clark-Casey wrote:
>> Out of interest, why is this?  
> Well, what I said isn't the only possible route. Here's the technical
> issue, then I'll explain the two ways to go at it. But then I have a
> question and a warning to whoever uses SQLite.
> Due to SQLite connection management constraints, the authorization data
> is being stored in a separate file than the user account data file.
> Different connections ==> different files, or things won't work.
> Conversely, one file ==> one connection, but that would mean having to
> merge the data layers for user accounts and authorization in SQLite, not
> pretty. Auth being on a separate file than the "old" userprofile db,
> data can't be copied over automatically. So, two ways to go at this:
> 1) Run without any pre-action, reset the password, then the right auth
> data will be placed in the right file. (this is what I meant in my
> previous email, runs without pre-action)
> 2) Use the old userprofiles.db as the basis for both the new
> useraccounts table and the auth tables. In other words, copy
> userprofiles.db to auth.db, then run. I have a migration in auth that
> will copy the auth data over to the auth table from the old users table.
> But now, the question. Why do you think that people running OpenSim over
> SQLite have multiple user accounts, like one expects from people running
> a real DB? Can you give me some rough numbers for who is doing that?

You're right - I don't have any numbers so perhaps no-one is doing that.  I took the liberty of copying this over to the users list to see if any hands are raised there.

If SQLite is just being used for single person/demonstration installations then password reset sounds good enough.  I agree that it's not worth wasting valuable time on a more complete solution.

As long as it's brightly and loudly documented then I think that would be okay.

> I was under the impression that SQLite is being used for quick trials
> and for single-person worlds. I would *strongly* discourage people from
> using SQLite-powered OpenSims as if this was a sustainable multi-user
> configuration. It's not. It will bomb. Mantis #4437 is a good example of
> SQLite bombing on people. Had a bug like that affected MySQL, it would
> have been fixed in no time. It affecting SQLite, the issue has been open
> for over 2 months, and the fix is not in sight. More than SQLite
> performing poorly, which it does for large DBs, the main danger here is
> the lack of support for when things go wrong.
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