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Ralf Haifisch

i did try to find a place to get more info/patch...  

is the patch already somewhere out in space ?

I would be happy to patch and recompile one of my sandbox regions in


German opensim HowTo: 
Cybertechnews blog:


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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 07:51:56 -0800 (PST)
From: Robert Klein <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: [Opensim-users] Assets 101
To: [hidden email]
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Way to go Jon!!!  Maybe put this on the forge as Justin suggests below? We
can always post updates here on the list as things progress.


jon cundill wrote:

> Hi
> Just knocked together a quick and dirty prototype for this, and using the
> Terrain Upload/ Download for OAR files actually works quite well.
> - Noticed Limitations
> Viewer needs you to have .raw on the end of the filename. So you end up
> downloading and uploading files named house.oar.raw rather than house.oar.
> Maybe the Hippo Viewer people could do something about this if this goes
> further.
> It is slow, and little feedback is given to the user until it has
> completed,
> so the 2.4 Mb house from the Free Assets page takes around 4 mins to
> upload
> or download on a localhost standalone.
> I have regions with 30Mb oar files - that would take nearly half an hour
> to
> transfer, probalby longer across the internet.
> You can probably send Estate Messages with some progress indication to
> alleviate this.
> As well as OAR files, this technique can also probably be used to
> upload/download R32 or BMP type terrain file formats instead of LLRAW ones
> -
> that might be useful.
> If there is interest in pursuing this, and unless someone beats me to it,
> I'll tidy up the code and submit a patch for review
> jonc

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